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Is the sweeping robot useful? How about the cleaning effect?

As life becomes more and more intelligent, various smart homes have become more prevalent, enriching our lives and making it easier for us to return home. For example, recently, robot vacuum cleaners that can automatically clean the house have become the first choice for many working people. So, are robot vacuum cleaners useful? Below, I will take you to understand whether robot vacuum cleaners are useful and how effective they are in cleaning.

Li Xiang's live broadcast sold 1,000 PuSangNiKe sweeping robots in 5 minutes

Many customers are particularly concerned about the cost-effectiveness when purchasing household appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners. On the evening of May 29th, Li Xiang's live broadcast sold 1,000 Proscenic M7MAX robot vacuum cleaners in just 5 minutes. This product can be said to be a limited-time special offer that surpasses products of the same price range in terms of configuration and intelligence level. Let's take a look at some of the practical features of this robot vacuum cleaner below.