Proscenic joins "Exploding New Anchor" to create a new way of live streaming marketing

Guide:In recent years, there has been a significant shift in people's consumption habits, with live streaming e-commerce becoming increasingly popular. In line with this trend, the first domestic variety show focusing on live streaming e-commerce, "Exploding New Anchor," will soon be broadcast on Tencent Video.

The show presents the unique features of each anchor through multiple angles and creates a stage exclusively for them to attract audiences, anchors, platforms, brands, and others to participate deeply. Among them is Proscenic, a brand dedicated to the research and development and production of smart home cleaning products.

As one of the earliest brands to integrate research and development, production, and sales of smart home appliances in China, Proscenic's main product lines include smart robot vacuum cleaners and other cleaning appliances. After many years of technical accumulation, their products have been sold to many countries worldwide and are loved by users both at home and abroad. Therefore, Proscenic has paid attention to the new model of live streaming e-commerce and participated in "Exploding New Anchor."

Through the show, viewers can learn more about Proscenic's products and experience the unique features of their smart robot vacuum cleaners and other smart home cleaning appliances. By participating in the program, Proscenic aims to explore new marketing methods and reach a wider audience.

As we all know, a good robot vacuum cleaner must have strong suction power and performance. In order to create a smart and efficient cleaning robot, Proscenic's R&D team focuses not only on cutting-edge technology but also on the consumer's cleaning experience. They are committed to creating smart and high-performance robotic vacuum cleaners for consumers. The Proscenic M8Pro robot vacuum cleaner was born out of this focus.

As one of Proscenic's flagship products, the M8Pro's automatic dust collection function is impressive. After the robot completes the cleaning, it automatically sucks the garbage from the dustbin into the dust collector, eliminating the need for frequent dustbin emptying. Moreover, with a 4300ml dustbag, it can hold our garbage for a month, freeing up our hands for 30 days.

From the dustbin of the robot to the dustbag of the dust collector, these two seemingly simple steps actually involve many technical challenges. To ensure thorough and dust-free dust collection, M8 Pro has made new improvements in wind channel design, multi-layer sealing design, and dedicated filtering dustbags. These improvements make the Proscenic M8Pro more in-line with consumers' expectations.

The anchors of "Exploding New Anchor" firmly grasp Proscenic's core advantages and promote their high-quality products to households, further enhancing Proscenic's brand influence. By participating in this program, Proscenic hopes to reach more consumers and explore new marketing methods.

"Exploding New Anchor" has already been launched on Tencent Video. With the support of the anchors, Proscenic is expected to be recognized by more people. The strength of Proscenic's products will also make the anchors' recommendations more credible and trustworthy. We believe that this live streaming e-commerce event will bring a win-win situation for both Proscenic and "Exploding New Anchor." Proscenic's participation in this program will not only increase brand awareness but also explore new marketing opportunities.