"The Popular Star Host" fifth episode is now airing, and Wang Feifei is promoting the Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner

Guide:Are you ready for the weekend that workers have been looking forward to? On Sunday, December 6th at 8:00 PM, the first nationwide large-scale live ecological reality show "Star Host" will exclusively air on Tencent Video, featuring a new female group of contestants.

Are you ready for the weekend that workers have been looking forward to? On Sunday, December 6th at 8:00 PM, the first nationwide large-scale live ecological reality show "Star Host" will exclusively air on Tencent Video, featuring a new female group of contestants. The Star Guild President Shen Tao and Buyer Team Leader Guan Guan will collaborate with Chief Star Promoter Wang Feifei in this episode, along with Chief Sharing Officer Lie Erbao, Good Things Co-Founder, and Sharp Sharp Founder, bringing continuous surprises. With on-site weddings and girl group education, there will be many exciting moments to watch out for.

It seems that Wang Feifei, who is popular once again, has gained many fans at the event. Surprisingly, her shopping cart was filled with mostly tank tops, while her other daily necessities were purchased by her assistant, so she doesn't have to worry about it.

Lie Ziyin's shopping cart was also quite interesting, as it contained items such as large durians and notorious garlic. Lie Ziyin explained that these products were brought in by himself and shared them with viewers during the live broadcast. As he interacted with the audience, he bought the products himself, ensuring transparency and honesty, which is what businesses appreciate.

Proscenic, the brand that promotes its P11 vacuum cleaner, has received strong endorsements from Wang Feifei and Lie Erbao during the event. As a company specializing in the research and development of smart home cleaning appliances, Proscenic was one of the first domestic brands to integrate the R&D and production of smart appliances. Its main product lines include smart floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Through years of technical accumulation, its products have been exported to many countries worldwide, enjoying great popularity among both domestic and European and American households. This time,Proscenc is also paying attention to the new model of live-streaming sales, which is why it participated in "Popular Star Host."

The Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner is the first truly integrated sweeper-dragger in China. It comes with an electric mop head that can be installed and used immediately, with a high-speed rotation of 150-200 per minute, combined with uniform water seepage and powerful suction to clean dirt and stains in your home. In addition, it is equipped with eight imported Samsung lithium batteries from South Korea, each with a capacity of 1500mAh, for a total capacity of 20,000mAh, allowing you to clean continuously for up to an hour, meeting all your cleaning needs.

Furthermore, the Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner features an exclusive wind cooling technology that utilizes a unique pipe design optimization. During operation, there is a unique flow of air in the pipe, which reduces heat generation and allows the power unit to maintain a strong output continuously.

During the show, the hosts of "Popular Star Host" firmly grasped these core advantages of Proscenic and promoted its high-quality products to households, further enhancing the brand's influence.

Sharing Broadcasters' Experience and Learning from Good Things in Life

The contestants in this episode all performed outstandingly, and as the Chief Sharing Officer, Lie Erbao provided sharp commentary and gave constructive development suggestions. Whether or not the contestants pursue work in this field in the future, they benefited greatly from the experience. From the sports enthusiast to the skilled fruit artist and even the actress who starred in a Qing dynasty time-travel drama, this episode was full of exciting highlights that left a lasting impression. The fifth episode had many ups and downs, showcasing various talents and bringing a range of surprises!

Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?

The first thing to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is the reputation of the brand. Proscenic is the most trusted and popular brand in the vacuum cleaner market, with its latest P11 vacuum cleaner being a top pick for European and American households in terms of sales and reputation.

Why is the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner considered cost-effective? One of the main reasons is its excellent dust removal effect. This vacuum cleaner has ultra-strong suction power of up to 99%, thanks to its 80,000rpm digital electric motor generating 25,000Pa suction power, which makes it effortless to clean various types of debris and dirt.

Many vacuum cleaners perform well in cleaning dust and debris but struggle when it comes to hair, as the air outlet can easily become blocked, significantly reducing suction power. The Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner features an independently innovated Cyclone System software that quickly separates residue and gas, removing any interference caused by hair on the air outlet. Even after extended use, the vacuum cleaner's airflow remains unobstructed, ensuring stable suction power without significant depreciation. A high-quality vacuum cleaner like this is essential if you have small pets at home.

Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?

The second advantage of the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner is its user-friendly design, which takes into account every customer's concerns. Most people who do cleaning at home are women and elderly individuals, so the vacuum cleaner must be lightweight and easy to use. The Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner features a lockable long and thin handle design, making it easy to install and replace its brush heads quickly. The multiple brush head design allows the vacuum cleaner to be used for various purposes, such as cleaning curtains, furniture, bookshelves, cars, and more. With the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner, customers get their money's worth with an all-in-one solution for cleaning.

The lightweight design of the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner has received praise from users, featuring ergonomic design principles and balanced structural mechanics that make it effortless to lift and comfortable to use. A vacuum cleaner that reduces stress on users is the most considerate one.

Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?

The third advantage of the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner lies in its various benefits at key points. The vacuum cleaner features an entire mechanical noise reduction design, which makes it quiet during operation. Its V-shaped dual-helix soft bristle brush offers deep cleaning and polishing functions, allowing it to remove years of accumulated dust from gaps between wooden floors while also eliminating static electricity and maintaining the wood's shine. Using a regular dust removal tool to clean high-end wooden floors at home is risky, but with the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner, there are no issues. You can trust and rely on the Proscenic P11 handheld vacuum cleaner for all your cleaning needs, from sweeping wooden floors to cleaning the whole house, and enjoy peace of mind.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a brush head that allows for simultaneous suction and mopping, reducing floor cleaning time from 30 minutes to just 10 minutes. This significantly reduces cleaning time, giving users more time to do other things.