The Proscenic Annual Summary Meeting 2022 and 2023 Work Plan Conference | Honour recognition, awaits your perusal!

Guide:The Proscenic Annual Summary Meeting 2022 and 2023 Work Plan Conference | Honour recognition, awaits your perusal!

Summary, Planning, Consolidate the foundation, and prepare for the future.

Director Su from the Finance Management Department is here to report on the business summary of the year 2022 And the future plan for 2023. The focus of the next year will be on cost reduction, reviewing past practices, and improving internal control processes.

The Vice President of Proscenic Business Unit, Mr. Jiang, summarised the brand's performance in 2022 along with its plan and objectives for 2023. The company achieved a global exposure of 130 million impressions and a total global official account fan base of over 200,000, with a total exposure of 25 million impressions.

Mr. Jiang also pointed out the department's key areas of optimisation and improvement, while expressing confidence in the products.

Finally, he shared that "while we pursue our work goals, let us also find our work value."

The general manager of Ultenic Division, Ms. Deng, summarized the operating situation of Ultenic Division in 2022 and its development plan for 2023.

Mr. Deng shared the highlight moments of the brand in 2022, with sales revenue increasing 1.2 times And operating profit increasing 19 times compared to the same period, gaining over 9000 positive reviews from customers.

Ultenic plans to make a qualitative leap in 2023 from the perspectives of business, brand, and operational goals.

Finally, Mr. Deng gave us four words: "resilience, confidence, long-termism, and solidarity", urging us to persist in doing the right thing and becoming practitioners of long-termism.

Mr. Sun, the general manager of the Domestic and International Sales Business Center, Summarized the business situation of 2022 and the plan for 2023. He expressed that in the face of internal and external challenges and the rapid growth of the business, we have had deeper reflections on our business capabilities, product innovation, and service quality.

At the same time, he deeply appreciated the support from the teams responsible for sales, quality, and big data.

Mr. Wang, the general manager of Big Data Department, summarized the work output of 2022 and pointed out the shortcomings and solutions.

He mentioned that in 2023, the department will focus on the research and development of products Optimizing them to enhance user experience and empower the products.

The manager Si of the Supply Chain Management Department summarized the business overview of 2022 and the five core tasks for 2023.

She mentioned that in 2023, the department will maintain a lean team, enhance team professionalism, and improve management efficiency.

In conclusion she stated that "the road ahead is long and arduous, but we are getting closer with each step. As long as we persist, the future is full of promise."

Manager Li of the Planning and Logistics Department has summarized the department's work in 2022 , As well as the plans and key indicators for 2023. He noted that the first leg rate for 2022 had decreased by 3.5% . compared to the same period last year, and the third-party overseas warehouse also saw a decrease of 63%.

In 2023, the Planning and Logistics Department is set to face even greater challenges, including fluctuations in the logistics market, compliance issues, factory deliveries, and accurate forecasting.

Supervisor Xin of the After-sales Storage Department has summarized the work overview for 2022 and the plans for 2023.

He stated that in 2022, the revenue efficiency of warehouse BIN management had increased by 81% Accuracy had improved by 100%, and costs had decreased by 81%. Going forward, they aim to improve IT informatization construction and organize process asset sedimentation.

The goal is to be fast, accurate and efficient in clearing non-performing assets and reducing "changes".

Manager Jiang of the Human Resources and Administration Department reviewed the key data for 2022 and the planning and key actions for 2023.

Among them, the per capita income in 2022 increased by 8% compared to the same period last year. She stated that in 2023, the department will focus on improving organizational performance, building a strong talent pool, And enhancing corporate culture.

Finally, she expressed her hope that in 2023, everyone will work tirelessly to achieve great success.

At the beginning of his summary, General Manager Du of Proscenic shared his thoughts on today's theme: "Though the road is long and winding, we will eventually reach our destination; though the task may be difficult, we will succeed if we persevere". During the meeting, he summarized the company's achievements in 2022 and outlined its future development direction.

He pointed out the organizational pain points and proposed that in 2023,  we need to strengthen our internal skills, improve our learning and risk-taking abilities.

He concluded by saying, "I have never seen a person who wakes up early, works hard, is cautious, and honest ever complain about their fate".

He hopes that in 2023, we will all wake up early, work hard, be cautious, and honest together.

Proscenic Chairman Mr.Zhao Chuantao exclaimed that in the blink of an eye we will prepare ourselves to face the challenges of 2023 together.

He encouraged everyone to work even harder than yesterday and when they reach 40 years old, they will be grateful for their past selves.

At the same time, He pointed out some adjustments made in management, product strategy, and market, and introduced and welcomed new members of the management team on site, hoping to take another step forward under their leadership.

Finally, Chairman Zhao shared his favorite two sentences from our latest vision and values:

Vision - "Building dreams with partners, enabling users to enjoy a technological life".

Values – "Customers first, self-driven, honesty and transparency, courage to take responsibility, contractual spirit, believe in young people!"

Honors: These honors will help us remember your excellence.

Recognition and Awards

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Strengthening our foundation to meet the challenges of the future, The Proscenic 2022 Annual Summary Conference and 2023 Work Planning Meeting has come to a successful conclusion!

Wishing for great achievements in 2023!