New product F20 on the market

Guide:New product F20 on the market

Busyness is the essence of life,but don't forget,happiness is the ultimate pursuit of life.

Accumulate small happiness slowly,starting with doing housework well.

Proscenic Warm-hearted Floor Cleaning Machine makes life clean, one-click start.

Part 1

The high-value embellishment of life,the gentle warm blue color that penetrates the soul,is a dialogue between the clear sky and your vision.

Peace gathers in the heart,making comfort unconsciously climb up,making cleaning a pleasant spiritual enjoyment.

Part 2

Efficiently assists with cleaning,15KPA strong suction, easily handling large particles of garbage.

Dry and wet mixed cleaning, sweeping and mopping synchronously.

Electrolyzed water is equipped with disinfectant for integrated cleaning and disinfection.

Disinfection Mode: Automatically electrolyzes water to deeply disinfect the floor, guarding the health of family members.

Water Absorption Mode: Suitable for situations where there is a lot of water stains, efficiently cleaning up water stains.

Smart Mode: Automatically adjusts suction power and water volume based on the condition of the floor, deep cleaning for heavy dirt and light cleaning for light dirt.

MAX Mode: Suitable for cleaning dirty environments, quickly removing garbage.

Part 3

Self-cleaning frees up your hands with no worries:

45 minutes of super-long battery life,

with the option of dual batteries for even longer standby time.

1L large-capacity clean water tank ensures continuous cleaning without interruption.

Powerful dirt-shaking self-cleaning,

blue light antibacterial + roller brush drying, odorless and healthier.