Hot New Product | Proscenic M9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Guide: Proscenic M9 sweeping robot launches a new dual rotating mop system

New Dual Rotating Mop System

Get ready for the outstanding performance provided by our dual rotating mop system. Our rotating mops feature high-speed rotation at 120RPM and up to 6N of downward pressure, actively cleaning along their path to tackle sticky messes and stubborn stains, far beyond what a single mop could achieve.

Powerful 4500Pa Suction

The M9 features a robust 4500Pa suction power, effortlessly removing dirt, debris, allergens, and pet hair from both hard floors and carpets.

250 Minutes, 250 Square Meters:Fully charged, it can clean for up to 250 minutes and cover an area of 250 square meters in sleep mode.

Vacuum and Mop on Demand:With a maximum suction power of 4500Pa and adjustable water output in three levels, it meets all your cleaning needs.

Automatic Carpet Boost:The suction power automatically increases when the robot transitions from hard floors to carpets, enabling more effective carpet cleaning.

Ultra-Thin and Incredibly Slim:At just 3.9 inches tall, its ultra-thin design allows it to glide easily around and under furniture, eliminating any hidden messes. With soundproofing technology, the M9 operates at a low noise level of up to 62dB.

60 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning, UV Protection

The dust collector can hold dirt and debris for up to 60 days, and UV light effectively kills bacteria and allergens, making it ideal for allergy and dandruff seasons.

Laser LIDAR Mapping, Extremely Intelligent

A 5.0 LiDAR laser sensor detects and creates customized house maps in the Proscenic app.

Multi-Level Mapping Technology: The M9 can store up to 5 floor maps, adjusting its cleaning routine accordingly.

Advanced Navigation of Your Home:*27 advanced sensors ensure the M9 robot vacuum avoids obstacles and doesn't fall down stairs. With Proscenic's smart map on your smartphone, you can control the M9 to clean while you're away.

Editable Smart Maps: The smart maps are editable, allowing you to set no-go zones and virtual walls, as well as marking areas to clean or avoid.

Automatic Charging, Smart Resumption:The M9 robot vacuum automatically charges and resumes cleaning seamlessly from where it left off.