What are the good brands of robot vacuums? Will the new generation of robot vacuums replace manual cleaning?

Guide:The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, with people leaving early and returning late every day. Just thinking about going home, cleaning up, and doing household chores makes me feel tired. Therefore, adding some smart home appliances has become an inevitable choice to improve the quality of life.

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, with people leaving early and coming back late every day. The thought of coming home to clean and do housework makes me feel tired. Therefore, increasing the use of smart home appliances has become an inevitable choice for improving the quality of life. For example, the recently popular robot vacuum products can completely replace manual cleaning, freeing up the user's hands, and have been warmly welcomed by consumers.

With the development of technology and increasing recognition from users, the robot vacuum market is booming. However, with the proliferation of brands, many users are confused about how to choose. In my opinion, some of the longstanding old brands in the industry are trustworthy, such as Proscenic. The brand has decades of experience in the field of smart cleaning and is supported by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute. Its technology accumulation and product quality are highly praised, especially in a country like Japan that has strict requirements for product quality. Proscenic's sales volume ranks among the top, which demonstrates the excellence of its products. Today, I would like to introduce Proscenic's robot vacuum M7, let's take a look at its performance together.

The robot vacuum M7 from Proscenic is equipped with a built-in wireless carrier indoor positioning system, which uses a wireless carrier probe on the charging base and the robot to measure the distance change and locate the coordinates. Compared to the previous generation of Proscenic's external GPS navigation box indoor wireless positioning system, the upgraded built-in wireless probe breaks through the range limitation and can provide precise positioning and mapping of the indoor environment throughout the house. When starting on the charging base, the robot vacuum can remember the indoor positioning coordinates and avoid wandering around, achieving more efficient and intelligent cleaning.

The performance of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping is just the icing on the cake based on intelligent planning. On one hand, the NIDEC high-performance brushless motor imported from Japan brings a huge suction power of 2150 Pa, with dual-speed variable frequency suction and variable frequency suction mouth, making the dust in the entire house nowhere to hide. With various cleaning modes, including automatic cleaning, button cleaning, edge cleaning, and arc-shaped cleaning, cleaning without omissions is guaranteed. In addition, the configuration of an extra-large water tank makes the mopping performance of Proscenic's robot vacuum M7 superior to other robot vacuums.

Automatic recharging: Robot vacuums are developed to free up people's hands, so you don't have to worry about the charging function of Proscenic's M6. When the robot vacuum's battery level is below 20% or after cleaning is completed, the robot will quickly calculate the best path back to the charging base based on its positioning coordinates and return to the charging base for recharging without the need for manual monitoring.

It is not difficult to predict that this efficient and intelligent product will certainly become the darling of the market and the most effective cleaning tool for thousands of households.