Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good? Two super practical models recommended

Guide:Just like other home appliances, robot vacuum cleaners are products that place a significant emphasis on brand. Choosing the right brand can save a lot of trouble in the later stages, such as Proscenic, which is known for its cost-effectiveness in the robot vacuum cleaner industry.

With the continuous growth of economic level, the consumption upgrade of Chinese consumers is also constantly refreshing. People are no longer limited to satisfying their basic needs of food and clothing, but are more focused on how to enjoy life. Nowadays, with the pressure of urban life and heavy work tasks, people are too tired to even cook dinner after work, let alone cleaning the house. At this time, what is urgently needed is, of course, a robot vacuum cleaner. However, the market is full of various types of robot vacuum cleaners with different functions. What brand is good? Which model of robot vacuum cleaner is good? These have become the most concerning questions for consumers.

Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good?

 How to choose a brand?

Robot vacuum cleaners, like other household appliances, are products that place a significant emphasis on brand. Choosing the right brand can save a lot of trouble in the later stages. For example, Proscenic is known for its cost-effectiveness in the robot vacuum cleaner industry.

How to choose a brand?

Proscenic was founded in 1993 and is a comprehensive home appliance manufacturer that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and sales. In the early years, it mainly provided OEM services to Japanese home appliance brands such as Proscenic, Hitachi, Zojirushi, and Philips. Today, it has gained a good reputation in various countries such as China, Japan, and Europe. In 2016, Shenzhen Proscenic Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and in 2017, it passed the intellectual property management system certification. Currently, it has dozens of intellectual property rights and has become a leading global intelligent home appliance product brand.

Proscenic's robot vacuum cleaners are all very cost-effective, among which the most popular and best-selling models are the M7 and LDS D550.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

Cruising: Cruising is an important prerequisite for determining the cleaning efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners. In order to achieve more intelligent and accurate cruising, multiple sensors must work together in coordination with excellent algorithms.

Laser cruising for robot vacuum cleaners

Proscenic-LDS-M7 and LDS D550 robot vacuum cleaners from Proscenic have intelligent planning and cleaning technology that surpasses competitors. Equipped with Monte Carlo algorithm chips, high-precision gyroscopes, LDS laser radars, dual positioning technologies, etc., they perform global scanning and planning before cleaning, and navigate and clean according to the intelligent chip plan during operation. This avoids missing or repeating cleaning, greatly improving overall cleaning efficiency.

Suction: The most important indicator for robot vacuum cleaners is suction power. High suction power can achieve cleaner results, but noise control is also a very important issue. For example, both the M7 and LDS D550 models from Proscenic use Nidec motors imported from Japan, which provide strong suction power so that dust has nowhere to hide, while keeping noise levels low during cleaning.

Motors for robot vacuum cleaners

Mopping: As a robot vacuum cleaner, how can it not have a mopping function? Compared with those that do not have wet mopping functions or leave the floor full of water, Proscenic's M7 and LDS D550 robot vacuum cleaners can be said to be among the best in their price range. The M7 is equipped with a 500mL large water tank, which can meet the mopping requirements of an area of 200 square meters with just one refill. The more economical D550 model is more suitable for small households and achieves intelligent wet mopping, meaning it mops and dries at the same time, leaving no water stains behind.

Wet mopping for robot vacuum cleaners

Intelligence: As an intelligent device, what does a robot vacuum cleaner need to be considered "smart"? Automatic recharging is a basic requirement, while breakpoint continuation cleaning requires some technical accumulation. The Proscenic M7 and LDS D550 robot vacuum cleaners embody the essence of the word "robot", truly making robot vacuum cleaners intelligent. Not only do they have basic functions such as automatic recharging, but they can also achieve breakpoint continuation cleaning, obstacle crossing, anti-tangling, anti-falling, and other functions. There is no need to worry about their use, and with the help of the APP, remote intelligent control is also possible, allowing users to know the cleaning situation of the robot vacuum cleaner in real-time at home.

Intelligent anti-falling for robot vacuum cleaners

In summary, how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner is indeed a problem that many people find confusing. Selecting based on these key points can make the process relatively easier. If you are too lazy to do your homework, you can also consider the popular and cost-effective Japanese brand Proscenic. Its M7 and LDS D550 models are bestsellers, so interested buyers may want to check them out.