Which sweeping robot is good? This visual navigation is popular all over the Internet

Guide:Of course, the ability to sweep and mop floors varies among robot vacuum cleaners. As for me, the Proscenic GT320 robot vacuum cleaner is packed with technology and is an expert in sweeping and mopping floors.

It's true that young people nowadays are busy running around all day, working to support their families and taking care of children. This leaves less time for doing housework, especially for those living in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. After work, they just want to relax by scrolling on their phones or go straight to bed. That's why we, intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, have become their perfect solution for sweeping and mopping floors. Of course, the ability to sweep and mop floors varies among robot vacuum cleaners. As for me, the Proscenic GT320 robot vacuum cleaner is packed with technology and is an expert in sweeping and mopping floors.

Which robot vacuum cleaner is good?

In terms of appearance design, I am different from other types of products on the market. I have a square design, which has significant advantages over round robot vacuum cleaners. This design solves the problem of incomplete edge cleaning that round robots often encounter. If a robot cannot clean corners and edges thoroughly, what is the point of using it? Path planning, visual navigation, and cleaning effectiveness are critical for robot vacuum cleaners, so what unique features do I have?

Firstly, in terms of hardware, my strength lies in visual navigation because I have a 1080P high-definition camera with a 160-degree wide-angle lens, allowing me to see clearly and broadly. I can also scan at a speed of 25 frames per second, making it easy for me to scan and build models even in large rooms. As for system capabilities, I operate with iPANS 3.0, combined with ARM+STM+DSP three-positioning technology and vSLAM algorithm, which allows me to plan routes logically and not get lost, as well as easily recognize various obstacles during cleaning.

Which robot vacuum cleaner is good?

Cleaning is definitely my strong suit, as I come equipped with a 500ml dustbin that has a large capacity. With my upgraded version, I have a 300mm mopping area, which allows me to work in a front-wet-and-back-dry manner, separating wet mopping from dry sweeping. This means that I can mop and dry immediately, without leaving any water stains, reducing the possibility of slipping and sliding on wet floors. I can complete cleaning an entire house with one plan, which greatly improves efficiency.

In terms of results, the Proscenic GT320 robot vacuum cleaner has three modes: 1200Pa silent mode, 1500Pa standard mode, and a powerful 2150Pa mode. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate mode for different scenarios. Whether it's small dust particles or larger debris, I can handle it all with ease, even the grease stains in the kitchen.

Apart from these primary functions, you may worry about running out of battery during cleaning. However, there's no need to worry because I support intelligent recharging. When my battery level becomes low, I will automatically return to the charging dock for recharging. Once my battery is fully charged, I will return to the last cleaning point to continue cleaning, without having to repeat the cleaning process.

Which robot vacuum cleaner is good?

Perhaps you're also concerned about the high areas in your home, such as rooms and kitchens? That's not a problem either because I have excellent obstacle avoidance capabilities, easily crossing obstacles up to 1.5cm high, ensuring that I can climb and clean with ease.

For an intelligent home product like me, how can we do without a smart app? You can command me through the app, schedule cleaning appointments, plan cleaning routes, adjust my settings, and even give me a cute nickname! Through your fingertips, you can interact with me remotely, and of course, I have many more skills.

If you like me, then bring me home and let's explore and interact together. With me, you'll have an all-around intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, providing a clean and comfortable living space, and making cleaning effortless and enjoyable.

Currently, during the summer sale season, I am on sale on the official website, offering various discounts with prices as low as 1699 yuan. If you're interested, bring me home, and let me take care of the cleaning for you from now on!