Tmall TES: Proscenic won the "Annual Leap of Tmall Life Appliances"

Guide: As the industry ecological summit of the top domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, each TES has attracted countless technology giants to participate, and has had a profound impact on multiple industries in the field of consumer electronics

On May 8, 2018, the 3rd TES Tmall Consumer Electronics Ecology Summit was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of "Make Technology Popular", this year's summit redefines the development direction of the consumer electronics industry in 2018 and empowers and supports businesses to better carry out digital upgrading and transformation. As the industry eco-summit of the top domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, each TES has attracted numerous technology giants to attend and has had a profound impact on many industries in the field of consumer electronics.

Although TES is filled with many technological innovation products, it is different from the event where new products are released in piles. For example, in terms of award selection, TES relies on the Tmall platform, which has more than 500 million active users, to screen and evaluate thousands of brands in the field of consumer electronics, and finally award honors to outstanding brands that achieve perfect experience standards in many aspects of technology, innovation, products, and services, to stimulate the development of the industry. Among the brands that participated in the summit, Taiwan's Proscenic Robot Vacuum stood out and won the "FY2018 Tmall Lifestyle Appliance Annual Leap Brand Award" and became the focus of the summit.

The popularity and development of the Internet has allowed all kinds of e-commerce platforms to enrich our shopping, the crazy growth of e-commerce platforms, some thriving and some increasingly weak. But Tmall as the mainstream platform, not only the users are growing, and more and more brands are stationed. So thanks to the Tmall platform, Proscenic robot vacuum sales ushered in explosive growth in the mainstream home service robot segment of the product market, such as sweeping robots, Proscenic has been a cost-effective product favored by consumers, and become a more popular consumer cleaning brand.

"Endless love for family" is the concept that Proscenic has always followed, on this basis, the development and production of countless products that solve the burden of consumer cleaning. Tmall, as a bridge between consumers and brands, is a great credit. During 2017 - the first half of 2018, Proscenic launched the dual-detection planning sweeper 790T, the micro-sensitive electric control water tank black technology sweeping and mopping god 811GB, the whole house three-dimensional cleaning combination 911SE, and the new upgraded handheld vacuum cleaner HummingbirdP9 respectively, bringing consumers The HummingbirdP9 brings consumers a new cleaning experience. In addition to the upcoming debut of the Tmall flagship LDSM6 on June 1 at zero, using laser cruise positioning, cleaning system upgrades to launch iPNAS2.0, as well as carpet intelligent identification, MAX suction booster cleaning, innovative constant pressure sticker design, plant bionic water tank, wet mopping more convenient. We'll see what happens in June, the debut of Tmall.

Tmall is not only a platform, but also a catalyst to bring consumers closer to the products. We believe that in the future, Tmall will get better and better, and Proscenic will also produce more practical and good products for consumers.