Senior Industrial Design (ID) Designer

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Senior Industrial Design (ID) Designer

Job Responsibilities

1. Accurately understand user needs and independently complete product designs that meet client requirements with strong ID design skills.

2. Responsible for tracking the entire product design progress, assisting structural engineers in structural design and confirming post-production processes.

3. Independently complete packaging design for products and follow up on these tasks.

4. Complete design tasks on time and with quality, according to project schedules.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Industrial Design or Product Design, with 3 years (or more) of design experience and good proficiency in English.

2. Passionate about design, with active thinking and strong innovative abilities; possess a good understanding and aesthetic that meets the demands of being popular, industry-specific, international, and contemporary; able to keenly grasp relevant information and market trends within the product industry.

3. Strong hand-drawing skills, capable of design expression and literacy; proficient in using 2D software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and 3D software like Rhino or Pro/ENGINEER.

4. Familiar with the entire product development process, with a comprehensive grasp of form, color, techniques, and surface treatments.

5. Proactive, responsible, meticulous, and sincere in work; maintains a positive attitude with a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

6. Candidates with experience in a design firm and the smart appliance industry will be given priority.

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