Senior German/French Operations (Amazon)

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Senior German/French Operations (Amazon)

Job Responsibilities

1. Achieve monthly sales targets for various sites.

2. Manage the normal operation of Amazon accounts, including product editing, optimization, listing, and delisting.

3. Handle product inquiries, order reception, and shipping for accounts.

4. Manage FBA shipping plans, inventory management, CPC ad optimization, keyword optimization, and listing optimization.

5. Maintain high ratings for both the platform store and products.

6. Collect and analyze market intelligence and information on competitors’ activities.

7. Track and analyze returns and negative reviews.

8. Provide regular work summaries, report promptly to superiors, follow directives from superiors, and complete assigned tasks on time and effectively.

9. Perform other duties related to Amazon operations.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, with a CET-4 level or above in English; major in German/French preferred.

2. Good market insight, data analysis skills, and logical thinking abilities; strong planning and execution awareness.

3. Passionate about work, down-to-earth, able to handle high work pressure, self-motivated with a long-term commitment to the e-commerce industry.

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