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Project Manager

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for building project teams, initiating project proposal meetings, and formulating project implementation plans;

2. Organize and allocate work to project team members, implement specific tasks, and lead the team to propose solutions to important problems;

3. Coordinate information and resources across departments to achieve project progress goals;

4. Responsible for importing customer requirements into internal project management work and providing timely feedback to customers;

5. Responsible for project progress management, cost control, quality control, and risk management;

6. Responsible for organizing and archiving internal and external project documents;

7. Responsible for organizing phase reviews and decisions related to projects;

8. Regularly summarize and report on the overall progress of the project;

9. Responsible for project closure (project experience summary, project transfer).


1. Bachelor's degree or above in mechanical engineering, engineering, management, or related fields;

2. More than 3 years of project management-related experience;

3. Familiar with the R&D process, product development process, and quality control process;

4. Familiar with basic knowledge in multiple fields such as engineering, materials, and quality;

5. Proficient in project management field knowledge, with strong project management skills;

6. Candidates with experience in managing multiple projects in parallel are preferred;

7. Candidates with PMP certification are preferred.

Skill Requirements

1. PMP

2. solution design

3. process management

4. implementation

5. requirement analysis

6. project management

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY 20,000-30,000 per month

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