Product Manager

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Product Manager

Job Responsibilities

1. Investigate market trends, analyze customer needs, study competitors' products, and stay abreast of the latest developments in industry products.

2. Develop the product roadmap in line with the company’s strategic development, market operational needs, and technological trends.

3. Responsible for market research on product demand, competitive analysis, requirement analysis, and product definition.

4. Manage the product realization process and take overall responsibility for the product’s development, production, and delivery.

5. Identify and elaborate on the unique selling points of products, collaborate with marketing and related departments to create technical/sales materials to assist in product promotion.

6. Collect and analyze market feedback on products, timely propose and implement product iterations, optimization, and cost-reduction plans to continuously enhance product competitiveness.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Design, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, Communications, or related fields; CET-4 or above, fluent in reading and writing English, able to use it as a working language.

2. More than three years of product management experience, familiar with basic specifications and technical solutions for smart security or smart home products; preference for those familiar with and interested in hardware technology and IoT.

3. Professional knowledge and skills in market demand analysis, consumer research, product planning, and project management; familiar with OEM, ODM, and self-developed product development models.

4. Strong planning skills, rigorous thinking, and a complete and mature product methodology.

5. Excellent logical, analytical, summarizing, and execution abilities, with a focus on user experience and business needs.

6. Proactive and positive mindset, capable of independent thinking, with excellent team cooperation and communication skills.

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