Procurement Supervisor

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Procurement Supervisor

Job Responsibilities

1. Develop resources in the early stage of the project, summarize and compare the BOM cost accounting of various stages of self-developed projects, and implement a cost reduction plan;

2. Assist in following up on materials and filing claims for development procurement and planning;

3. Coordinate and handle quality, delivery, and other anomalies;

4. Coordinate, produce, optimize, and output department processes, reports, and reports;

5. Manage and train team members;

6. Complete other transactional work assigned by superiors.


1. Education background: College degree or above, majoring in the supply chain, purchasing, marketing, or business-related fields;

2. Work experience: More than 5 years of management or more than 8 years of purchasing work experience;

3. Skill requirements: Sensitive to data, strong learning ability, improvement ability, and logical thinking ability;

4. Knowledge requirements: Proficient in using office software;

5. Other requirements: Strong communication and coordination skills, strong stress resistance and execution ability, and professional dedication.

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY 13,000-19,000 per month

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