NPI Engineer

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NPI Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Take the lead in handling product after-sales quality issues and follow up to close the problem points;

2. Analyze and verify product quality issues, confirm the root cause of the problem;

3. Develop improvement measures for analyzing product quality issues and confirm the effect of implementing the measures;

4. Organize investigation reports on product quality problems and confirm the effectiveness of the measures.


1. Full-time college or above education, major in electronics, automation is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of work experience in quality CQE management;

3. Familiar with failure analysis, reliability testing, process technology of storage, converter, Bluetooth, WIFI wireless, small home appliances, smart home products, etc.; experience in mobile phone industry failure analysis is preferred;

4. Familiar with ISO9001 quality management system;

5. Familiar with shipping and customer complaint quality control methods, familiar with product FAE analysis;

6. Can lead product quality improvement meetings and evaluate the effectiveness of the reports from assembly suppliers;

7. Proficient in using office software and can output clear and concise work reports;

8. More than 3 years of CQE experience in the electronic product industry with integrated production, research and marketing experience in e-commerce.

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY 15,000-22,000 per month

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