IoT Product Manager

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IoT Product Manager

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for market research, competitor analysis, organizing product prototype document review meetings for brand independent sites, APP and other products, outputting related product function design (front-end, back-end) prototypes, requirement PRDs, key business process diagrams;

2. Track the entire life cycle of the product, coordinate with design, R&D, testing, adjust product iteration direction according to market operations, ensure product quality and iteration progress;

3. Work closely with first-line departments, maintain timely and effective communication with cooperative partners (third-party companies), quickly evaluate and handle customer needs and issues, continuously optimize product design, continuously improve user experience and reputation, provide product operation training and business function guidance to business departments.

4. Responsible for following up on the entire product development process, managing the development and testing progress, controlling risks, and ensuring product launch time and quality.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science, project management, or related fields;

2. More than four years of product design experience, with experience in independent websites and APP products, and a certain understanding of independent website and APP end products;

3. Familiar with the project development process and has complete experience in product market research, competitor analysis, requirement function design, product iteration/optimization/project management.

4. Solid knowledge of product design, proficient in using various tools (Axure RP, Mo Dao, XMind, Visio, etc.) for user behavior analysis, product conception, product design, user data analysis, active thinking, and innovative ability;

5. Familiarity and understanding of UI/UE design for intelligent IOT products, candidates with project management experience are preferred.

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY 20,000-30,000 per month

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