Independent Website Operations/Shopify Operations

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Independent Website Operations/Shopify Operations

Job Responsibilities

1. Familiar with the website building process of Shopify and self-built websites, complete website construction and daily maintenance, and formulate website operation rules;

2. Responsible for the overall operation of the website, control the page design and content, increase the PV and UV of the website, control the bounce rate, improve the conversion rate, effectively carry out keyword promotion, responsible for SEO and SEM optimization, and improve the PR value of the website;

3. Plan promotional activities and product user interaction, manage product users, attract more users, and improve activity.


1. Bachelor's degree and excellent English proficiency;

2. Familiar with online marketing channels and have relevant cross-border e-commerce industry experience;

3. Have keen data analysis ability, brand packaging promotion ability, and independent station activity creative planning ability;

4. Have a certain understanding of overseas BBS, blogs, soft articles, community promotion, review websites, Q&A platforms, etc.;

5. Proficient in commonly used website production software and network search tools, and have knowledge of website development, operation, and maintenance;

6. Good at website construction, activity planning, and data analysis.

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY 10,000-15,000 per month

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