Embedded Systems Intern

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Embedded Systems Intern

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development, mass production introduction and maintenance upgrade of embedded software for commonly used robot sensors;

2. Responsible for STM32 and other embedded software development and debugging of products;

3. Responsible for the development of QT debugging upper computer for sensors.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in electronics, automation and control, mechanical and electronic engineering, or related fields.

2. Familiar with the application development of single-chip microcomputer, STM32 and other embedded devices;

3. Proficient in C or C++ programming, proficient in Git, and have good coding habits;

4. Familiar with common communication interface knowledge such as UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, and have a certain hardware foundation;

5. Proficient in using embedded development environments such as Keil and STM32CubeMX;

6. Familiar with QT and have certain debugging upper computer development capabilities;

7. Able to write R&D documents and have good R&D habits;

8. Have a team spirit, a high sense of responsibility, be down-to-earth, and pay attention to details;

9. Experience participating in electronic design contests and winning awards is preferred;

10. Experience participating in Robocon or RobotMaster competitions and winning awards is preferred;

11. Experience in developing two-wheeled differential robots is preferred.

Work Place


Salary Range

CNY6,000-8,000 per month

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