HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY Women have their own light

Guide:HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY Women have their own light

"Her confidence shines like a beacon, and that is an invisible power. So, what constitutes 'her'?"

The qualities she possesses include independence in managing her own life, confidence in facing difficulties and setbacks, and a sense of dedication to serving society and family.

Today is International Women's Day on March 8th, a festival for "her". May every "her" live the way she wants to be! Her strength makes her shine like a star.



Surprise Her Power


To celebrate this special day,

The legendary F4 group from Prudential surprised us all:


Early in the morning, they appeared with a handsome and confident look,

Fully prepared to deliver a fantastic surprise to our goddesses!

Her power makes her shine like a star.

The Proscenic F4 group made a stunning entrance.

Joyful Her Power


A sudden surprise, laughter all the way~


They're here!

And they've come bearing gifts!

With the F4 group's hilarious and delightful surprise entrance.

Accompanied by a series of cheers,

"Peng Yuyan" is calling you to draw a prize!

"Yang Yang" is calling you to draw a prize!

This one is for exchanging with "Peng Yuyan"!

This one is for exchanging with "Xiao Zhan"!

Soon, there were expressions of gratitude heard,

Thank you, "Peng Yuyan"!

Thank you, "Peng Yuyan"!


Her power·makes you happy being yourself.

Let's see what I've won in the lucky draw.

-Endless of good news-


Male compatriot OS: Let me see what everyone has won in the lottery

Have you noticed the envious looks of your male counterparts?

It seems like their admiration is about to overflow from the screen.

Some of them have even proposed planning a "Male God Festival" for next time

something to look forward to!

Happy Women's Day!

Women have their own radiance

and should shimmer brightly as their true selves.



Be your own queen.

They don't need to be defined by labels

but rather should blossom into their unique selves.

Have a joyful Goddess Festival,

and continue to radiate brilliantly as the rulers of your own lives.


Gentle yet firm

Brave yet persistent

Clear-headed yet free

Photo by Huang Tengwan, Star of Culture

Video filming and editing by Yang Zhiyong, Star of Culture