Let's have some fun together with sports | The 2022 Proscenic Fun Sports Games are now launched!

Guide: Let's have some fun together with sports | The 2022 Proscenic Fun Sports Games are now launched!

Applause, cheers, and shouts, sprinting, joy, and scoring;

all in the passionate and collaborative effort.

Breaking records and surpassing oneself, every effort made by the Proscenic athletes embodies health, vitality, and passion.

Strengthening the body and striving forward,every moment of the sports games is a testament to growth,hard work, and team spirit.

Now, let's take a look together at the exciting moments of the sports games!

Sports Event Schedule

13:30-14:00Registration and Opening Ceremony

14:00-16:30Competition Events

16:30-17:10Group Blueprint Design Session

17:10-17:30Award Ceremony

17:30-17:40Closing Ceremony and Group Photo

Entry Registration

Energy supply station

Team Image Exhibition:

Before the opening ceremony, our nine teams strode confidently towards the showcase platform with a passionate and resolute demeanor. Each team shouted their name and slogan in their own unique way, displaying their distinctive team style with pride.

opening ceremony

Mr. Chairman Zhao ChuanTao gives an opening speech.

Mr. Chairman Zhao ChuanTao makes an opening speech, saying that due to the epidemic, the company has not held a large-scale event for over two years since 2019. He apologizes most sincerely for this. In the future, the company will make more investments in corporate culture construction, and strengthen its ties with colleagues' friendship while hoping that everyone can leave behind a wonderful memory working at Proscenic.

Proscenic has witnessed the growth of its employees, and I too have witnessed some employees go through the milestones of graduating, starting families, having children, and transforming themselves into department heads leading teams to conquer challenges far and wide. This is truly a remarkable fate.

Shenzhen, a young city, is also a young team and an unfettered future belongs to everyone. At the same time, Mr. Chairman shared his dream and the company's vision: "We hope to create a shared entrepreneurial platform company." We build a stage, and the main characters are the individuals present. We scatter our youth and sweat on this stage, creating value and obtaining our deserved rewards, fulfilling our careers and families.

Finally, I wish this sports event a successful conclusion. We will enjoy the sweat and joy while gaining friendships and growing

【The whistle blows - the sports meet begins.】

Pre-game warm-up!

Under the guidance of the coach, the team members began their pre-game warm-up exercises, swaying their arms joyfully in the scorching sunshine to the sound of "swipe! Swipe! Swipe!"

The project competition officially begins

Event 1. Great Luck Soaring to great heights

Wait for me, guys!

It gives me a sense that they are using a flying hot air balloon.

Event 2. Craftsmen of Skilled Craftsmanship.

The coach is currently holding a high-level meeting with each team captain to discuss the event.

Each team is orderly piecing together their parts.

Each team is engaging in intense strategic discussions for the competition~

Results Showcase

Event 3. Nine knees out of Ten People

Pictures from the field.

The concept of not having internal competition is non-existent.

Look, each team is practicing on the sidelines.

The game is in progress.

Event 4. Crossing the Human Wall.

Here's a song "To Flying higher" for everyone. Cast: Proscenic Sports Athletes.

I wanna To Flying higher!

The kind of life I desire is more brilliant~

Event 5. Power sense to Moving Mountains and Rivers.

Up ahead, a fierce showdown is taking place, And the cheerleaders are not idle either.Quickly capture the powerful and handsome (grinning) moments of your teammates on camera.

A fierce battle is underway,  Mr. Du has transformed into a cheerleader shouting and cheering for his teammates.

The battle is intense, The team named "Caring Team" and "Vanguard Team", uniforms have been soaked through with sweat.

Is that young man in the black team uniform an undercover agent?

Take a closer look!

Mr. Chairman Zhao who providing support for his teammates fighting valiantly, Fighting hard and still full of vitality.

Captain Little Six is not afraid of any challenge, with a dominating momentum that seems destined for victory.

This has inspired other team members to cheer and shout in support!

Event 6. Blueprint Together.

The team is working together in a coordinated manner, creating a giant painting where every stroke is a shared contribution to its beauty.
Results showcase of each team's giant painting.

All members will come together To assembled the theme background of the sports meeting that called "Unite in collaboration, create our future together."

Some of my colleagues have already held hands and made heart gestures, hoping to capture the beauty of this moment on camera.

Presenting the award!

[Team Best Presentation Award]

[Mr. Jiang, the Vice President of Marketing for Proscenic Division, presents the award to the third-place winner]

[The third-place team takes a group photo]

[General Manager Mr. Du presenting awards to the runner-up team]

[The Runner-Up team takes a group photo]

[Mr. Zhao Chuantao, Chairman, presenting awards to the championship team.]

The captain's lips are curved with excitement and joy, which are difficult to conceal.

[The Champion team takes a group photo]

closing ceremony

[General Manager Du Summary Speech]

"Power Together, Create the Future"

He expressed his hopes that everyone felt the power of teamwork during the event and worked towards a common goal.

In the future, the company will continue to invest in corporate culture and team building, providing a unique experience for everyone at Proscenic.

Work together to create a better future. Come on Proscenic! come on! come on!

Accompanied by a resounding cheer and slogans, this moment is frozen in time as the current fun sports meet draws to a successful close!
Many voices were heard after the end, some of the team members even immediately made Flags and promised to win the championship next time.

It seemed that everyone was looking forward to the next event.

We look forward to the "Team name hairline and me as opponents" Human Resource and Administration Department for the next exciting event!