Department style | Youth never fades | Big Data Department Team Building

Guide:Follow the footsteps of time and the theater scene, Experience the tremendous changes and vicissitudes of the 80s, 90s, and 21st century.

First Stop: Pengcheng Story Small Theater

Follow the footsteps of time and the theater scene,Experience the tremendous changes and vicissitudes of the 80s, 90s, and 21st century.


Real estate, pharmacy, seafood store, grocery store.Four major camps battle for supremacy,Who will have the last laugh? Gather before the competition and get ready for the event.

The spring breeze of reform is blowing across the land, and those who are about to start their entrepreneurial journey are listening to the guidance of the Party. Under the leadership of various entrepreneurs, they will soon embark on an unknown journey of entrepreneurship.

Real Estate

The four major contractors are discussing how to hype up purchasing land at a low price,awaiting the soaring of the real estate industry.


The Pharmacy team is exploring clues everywhere,Appearing to be more focused on finding the truth about an accident at a construction site many years ago.Perhaps they have forgotten about the development of the company.

Crossing the border and heading to Hong Kong to find the murderer and seek development.

Seafood Store

While searching for clues, the Seafood Store team first went to a small restaurant and had a meal.As the saying goes, "Food is heaven."After all, you need the energy to work hard.

Grocery store

The Grocery Store team has made great progress in their development.They have transformed themselves into a technology company,and the environment of the new company is excellent.

The final battle.

The ultimate showdown.Buying stocks and competing against each other,The victorious contractor rings the IPO bell!
Enjoy the show:“Youth never fades, it's always on the road”.

The professional performance concludes,ending this theater journey.Let's move on to the next destination - a foodie trip!

Second stop: Shi Yuan Private Kitchen

A quaint courtyard with its own unique flavor.

With delicious food around, forget about dieting for now.

Drinking heartily,never getting drunk after a thousand cups,Guess who this great talent is?

Perfect,basking in the starry sky,Getting ready for the journey back.May we all live ,up to the beauty of spring,Bloom like our ideals,and move forward with confidence.The future is full of possibilities.
The successful Spring Outing Team Building,has come to a perfect end!