Big business starts small. The eBay platform and cross-border reporter interview team entered Proscenic

Guide:On March 27, 2019, Mr. Zhao, Chairman of the Proscenic, and Mr. Cui, eBay Operation Manager of the Proscenic Cross-border E-commerce Department, were interviewed by eBay Account Manager and Cross-border Insiders

On March 27, 2019, Mr. Zhao, Chairman of Proscenic, and Manager Cui, eBay Operations Manager of the Cross-border E-Commerce Department of Proscenic, accepted interviews with eBay account managers and cross-border reporters and guests to the Proscenic brand’s manufacturing factory were originally a factory of Ruixin Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese home appliance manufacturer, and visited the whole process of production of Proscenic sweeping robot and hand-held vacuum cleaner at close range.

The Proscenic entered the eBay platform in May 2018. In just over half a year, Proscenic has become a star brand on the eBay platform.

On the afternoon of March 27, Mr. Zhao, chairman of the Proscenic, and Cui, the eBay operation manager of the cross-border e-commerce department of the Proscenic, led a group of reporters to visit the manufacturing plant of the Proscenic.

Sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners and other products under the Proscenic are all produced in this factory. The focus of this visit is the R&D department, product design department, material procurement department, robot assembly workshop, etc. Mr. Zhao introduced to the guests The development process and current scale of these important product manufacturing departments, as well as each production line and supply chain, etc. At the same time, he said that the Proscenic can first shine on the eBay platform, which is the basis for product research and development.

The Proscenic has more than 20 years of experience in the field of smart cleaning, has obtained a number of international patented technologies, and has a certain reputation in the field of smart living and home furnishing. Bring high-quality smart cleaning product service experience to more families. In the future, Proscenic will maintain the development speed of launching a new product every two months, continue to follow the brand line, and expand domestic and foreign markets.

Interview: "Big business starts small"

It is the strategic layout of the company's development to be stationed on eBay platform, and it is the joint efforts of the team members to gain a lot. After setting foot in the domestic online platform, Proscenic brand started from the traditional foreign trade of manufacturing factories facing the B-end, and then gradually and successfully transformed its business to directly face the C-end consumers. One step by one step, Proscenic insists on optimizing its own products and supply chain solidly in the product area that the brand is familiar with.

The account was opened in May 2018, and Proscenic officially entered the eBay platform. Manager Cui was fully responsible for starting from zero to one. The market was in short supply, and Manager Cui held multiple positions. In the initial stage, he encountered a big problem of account restriction and freezing. Then he immediately organized team members to summarize experience, multi-warehousing layout, multi-way transportation, in-depth understanding of platform policies, and make up for operating experience. The shortage finally made the Proscenic brand become a star seller on the eBay platform.

Mr. Zhao, Chairman of Proscenic, and Manager Cui, eBay Operation Manager of the Cross-border E-Commerce Department of Proscenic, thanked the eBay platform for their appreciation and trust. They hope to cooperate closely in the future and move towards a new level together!


Impressions: "Excellent strategic partner"

For this interview trip, eBay account managers and cross-border reporters talked about their feelings and impressions of the Proscenic. Mr. Zhao’s confident and easy-going personality charm and Manager Cui’s talk about his various experiences on the eBay platform are impressive. Impressive.

At the same time, he said that the "Proscenic" ranks among the top five in China, but there are still some deficiencies in the exposure to mass consumers, with few offline promotion channels and insufficient exposure. On the eBay platform, the Proscenic brand was one of the few million-dollar sellers last year. It is the only one in Guangdong in the home furnishing category. It has been recognized by many European and American consumers. Proscenic will become the focus of the eBay platform. The cultivated sellers are excellent strategic partners of the platform.