Snapshots of Proscenic's employee birthday party in the first quarter of 2019: No matter the time, thank you for coming

Guide:Can the "high-tech superman" who has always done everything for us solve our housework worries? Let's walk into the world of Proscenic JOJO mopping machine to see the wonderful "lazy journey".

News on February 15, 2017-Nowadays, "women in the new era" have gradually become an indispensable force in society, but as their status rises, they also bear more and more burdens. When you get home, do you also hope to come to "Ge You Lie" to relieve the fatigue of the day, but you can't relax looking at the many housework. Can the "high-tech superman" who has always done everything for us solve our housework worries? Let's walk into the world of Proscenic JOJO mopping machine to see the wonderful "lazy journey".

The slogan of the city of Shenzhen is: "Coming is a Shenzhener"! Located in this city, Proscenic has the same attitude as Shenzhen: "Coming is Proscenic people"! On March 22, 2019, Proscenic held the first quarter 2019 employee birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of our partners whose birthdays were in January, February and March.

No matter the time, thank you for coming.

The birthday party of 27 Proscenic family members was full of rituals.

Flowers, cakes, candles, snacks, fruits, and gifts, the birthday celebrants gathered together and everyone put on birthday hats, sent flowers, sang birthday songs, and made birthday wishes together.

Sooner or later, thank you to every family member who came to Proscenic; regardless of the time, thank you for the life given and being able to see this beautiful world.

Sincere wishes and happy birthday.

Mr. Zhao Chuantao, the chairman of Proscenic, gave birthday wishes to every employee, hoping that everyone can establish their own goals, and that life will not stop, and struggle will not stop, and that everyone will work together and go forward. After that, every department leader of Proscenic expressed his blessings to the birthday celebrants, wishing everyone a bright and sunny life, progress and growth at work, and happy birthday!

The birthday celebrants also expressed their own testimonials.

Together, we look forward to a better tomorrow.

Proscenic was established has been standing in the city of Shenzhen for 6 years, which has experienced the storm and created brilliance along the way.

From the earliest production of sweeping robots, to now the field of intelligent living home to expand the brand reputation, for thousands of families to bring intelligent cleaning service experience, more than 10 million users quality witness. From the first patent technology application to be recognized as a national high-tech enterprises, each expansion and strong, are inseparable from the support and efforts of every member of the small Pu home. Every progress and growth or lessons learned has made the members of Proscenic more cohesive, caring and frank.

"No matter the time, thank you for coming", the birthday party of Proscenic's employees in the first quarter of 2019 has ended, but what is left for every Proscenic family is time for struggle. And Proscenic's employee birthday party will also become a routine event, sending blessings to everyone who has contributed to Proscenic.